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Apartment living can be challenging, to say the least. Often one of the biggest challenges you will face is not having enough space. You are not alone in this. Making a small space multifunctional, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye is a task for many apartment owners. Good news!! It is possible. Here are a few tips into turning your home into a cozy, visually appealing place to relax that is clutter free.

  1. When living in an apartment of any small space, vertical and hidden storage is your best friend. If you wish to display or store items such as books, collectibles or decor, utilize tall display storage shelving over doorways, and open shelving throughout your apartment. Don’t forget that hiding things under the bed isn’t only for kids! Using hidden storage under the bed is a great way to keep other spaces free. Hanging accessories on the backs of doors or in closets can also be useful for keeping shoes or products in
  2. Pieces of furniture can also serve dual purposes. Ottomans and coffee tables that open up are the perfect place to store things such as blankets, photo albums, or even mail. A trunk or ottoman can also be used for extra seating when you have a full house.
  3. Baskets and bins can help you in many different areas of your apartment. Using them in closets, pantries, bathrooms and kitchens can help bring organization to your home. Choosing these types of containers that are stackable or vertical will help in cabinets that don’t have shelving. Using these in your laundry area above or on top of your washer and dryer can be very useful.
  4. For all of the fashionistas out there, keeping up with your accessories can be a daunting task. One amazing way to keep your necklaces and bracelets organized and off your counter is by using some type of hooks, or decorative knobs. You will find that by attaching these to the wall in a closet or bathroom you can easily hang your items up and out of the way but they are still close by and organized when you need them.
  5. Many people these days find themselves with the need for a home office or workspace. We can all be thankful for the popularity and convenience of laptops. These portable devices can assist you in setting up a workspace that is mobile. Keeping files or important documents in a rolling file holder can allow you to use an island or kitchen table as an office when you do need. When you aren’t working these things can easily be tucked away to keep you home decluttered.

Try some of these tips and see how you apartment is transformed right before your eyes!

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