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Having a puppy is a lot of work. They’re energetic and cute, sure, but they also aren’t aware of all the damage they can cause to your home! Your new couch has rips, your dining set has been gnawed on, and suddenly that playful teething and digging isn’t so cute anymore… But fear not! Being prepared is the best way to make sure both you and your pup have a happy home.

Here are 6 easy ways to puppy proof your home:

  1. Invest in a doggy-gate or a doggy-crate. While you’re away, the pup WILL play! Dogs in general, especially puppies, tend to get anxiety when their owners leave them alone. This can cause them to act out by chewing on things, scratching up furniture, and even going potty in places they’re not supposed to! Investing in a gate or crate will keep your pup in a single area, and will significantly limit, if not eliminate, chances for destruction.

  2. If you love it, keep it off the floor. Puppies are naturally curious. What’s that? What’s this? They often assume that if it’s on the floor--it’s a toy. If you have loose wires, cables, shoes, or anything else of value lying on the floor, your pup is likely to to one of two things: eat it, or ruin it. This is bad news for you, of course, but it can also be harmful to your dog! For everyone’s best interest, keep the floors clear! You can also purchase covers for your wires to keep the playful pups away from them and make your apartment classier.

  3. Keep them occupied. Playful pups need, you guessed it, something to play with! If you don’t want your dog to run around the house and freak out everytime you’re unavailable to play, you need to supply them with something to keep them busy and happy. Providing lots of toys for them will keep them occupied, satisfied, and ultimately less likely to take their energy out on your furniture…

  4. Ditch that indoor plant. If your pup is potty trained, kudos! You can breeze right on over to the next tip. However, most of us are dealing with pups who haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. If you’re currently in the process of potty-training your dog, chances are you take them outside regularly and let them walk around until they find a comfortable place to do their business. More than often, that place is a bush or a tree. So, when they go back inside to see another tree or plant waiting for them, it’s very easy for them to make the connection that indoor plants are bathrooms, too. Just… use caution.

  5. Stash the trash. As a puppy, their curious nose draws them to all sorts of things -- the trash can being the most enticing. All of those wonderful, delicious smells. Used napkins? Yep. Tossed leftovers? Yum. While your puppy thinks that spreading trash all over the house is the equivalent to air freshening, you probably don’t see it that way. Unless you want an apartment littered with last week’s dinner, it’s best to keep all trash bags in large, unreachable cans.

  6. Keep hazardous items put away! This is, by far, the most important tip when it comes to puppy proofing your home. From the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom, there can be an array of items that can cause your pup harm. There could be cleaning chemicals, razors, pills and medicines, toxic foods like chocolate, jewelry, and many other things that could hurt your puppy if ingested or encountered. It is essential that you keep all hazardous items carefully locked away in places that your pup can’t reach.

Puppies will bring a whole new and fun dynamic to your home so here’s to you puppy proofing. Enjoy your new home and new pup!

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