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Benefits of having a Roommate | Blog

Benefits of having a Roommate

Benefits of having a Roommate

Whether rooming with a friend, acquaintance, or someone new, living with a roommate has a lot of different pros. Here are several benefits of having a roommate:

·       Everything is more affordable. – Living with a roommate is more affordable because you split the cost of not only rent, but utilities (if not included in rent), cable or internet, and household items used by everyone in the apartment. You can also choose to split the cost of groceries if you have the same taste in food as your roommate. You will also save money on furniture and apartment essentials because there will be two of you. Sharing the duty of furnishing your space means you both save money.

·       Less time spent on chores- Like rent, you can split the chores between you and your roommate(s). Switch off on dish and trash duty daily or weekly. If the apartment needs to be cleaned, work as a team to get it done quicker. This is a great plan to go over right after you move in with your roommate(s), that way everything is clear and agreed upon from the very beginning. Create a chart to help figure out who is in charge of what that day or week and keep it in a spot both you and your roommate will see it. You can check off tasks after completing them, so you will never forget to load the dishwasher or take out the trash.

·       You will always feel safe. Having a roommate means an extra sense of security. It is reassuring to know there is another person sleeping under the same roof as you at night. There will also be another person to watch the apartment should you take a vacation or must be away for a few nights; whether it’s unexpected or planned.

·       Companionship- Having a roommate also means having companionship. Whether you see each other daily, nightly, or only on the weekends, you will never feel lonely. It is best to have a roommate with a schedule similar to yours, so that you can see them more often and your schedules do not cause conflict. Having someone nearby to talk to or spend time with is a definite benefit.

If you want to save time and money with the extra bonus of feeling safer and having companionship, a roommate is a great option to keep in mind when looking to move into a new apartment. 

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