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Tips for Making Your Move Easier | Blog

Tips for Making Your Move Easier

Tips for Making Your Move Easier

Moving can be quite a daunting event. Packing, unpacking, arranging, and settling into your new home is tiring, stressful and all consuming. There are many ways that you can stay organized and less stressed during your move. Here are a few tips to help your move run smoothly:

·         Declutter before you begin to pack. Go through your belongings and get rid of anything unneeded. This goes for large furniture as well as small things like clothes or kitchen gadgets. Do you still have unpacked boxes from your last move? You can avoid this happening again by decluttering before you move.

·         Color code – This is a great way to make organizing all the boxes you have easier. Select a color for each room in your apartment. You can keep a list in case you forget which color goes to what room or label each room or area with the corresponding color. Add the different colors onto your boxes using stickers, markers, or colored tape and it will be easier and faster to separate the boxes into the correct room. Your boxes won’t have to stay stacked in your living area for days while you go through each individual box.

·         Label everything – This will make organizing your boxes even easier. There is nothing worse than moving into your apartment and not knowing where things are, especially if you have yet to unpack and need a certain item. It could take you hours to find it if your boxes are unlabeled.

·         Recruit friends to help you move. – Call your friends over and have a move in party. That way all your belongings get into your apartment quicker and you do not have to spend the money to hire movers (though that is always a great option if your friends cannot help you move in) or have to do all the work by yourself. Offer your friends some pizza for their hard work and use the extra time you would have spent moving by yourself to relax. Another benefit for having your friends help with your move is a lesser chance that your belongings will be damaged in the move.

These steps will make your move a lot easier. You will save time by staying organized and will be less stressed if you have help moving your things. Be sure to acquire all the proper packing equipment- boxes, tape and bubble wrap- ahead of time.

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